A Marketing Data Management Case Study

Gathering intelligence on UK-based government agencies for marketing

Reaching new markets is tough, especially if you wish to target very specific organizations.

A Lead Generation Case Study

Building a high-quality lead pipeline with precise prospecting criteria and comprehensive intelligence

In a cluttered market space, it is an uphill task to market a newly-launched SaaS application.

A Marketing List Development Case Study

Extracting highly targeted CXO-level contacts in US-based federal organizations

One of our clients had a very specific request of profiling federal agencies in America and local

A Marketing Data Management Case Study

Enabling a technology company to expand in the European market by finding the right IT prospects quickly

Reaching new markets is tough, especially if you wish to target very specific organizations.

A Database Cleansing and Enrichment Case Study

Cleansing a stale database of over 20,000 leads and appending vital business information for effective segmentation and nurturing

Companies collect all types of prospect data, but often find themselves in a soup when they have to

A Content Marketing Case Study

Targeted content marketing strategy to generate 100% qualified leads

What do you do when your target audience is extremely niche? Reaching them with a carefully

An Account Based Marketing Case Study

Account-based marketing strategy to rekindle non-responsive customers

When there are too many customers, the least responsive ones do not get much attention from the teams as they are more focused on the active ones.

A Content Marketing Case Study

Dynamic content targeting with effective lead segmentation

Sending dynamically customized communication to customers and prospects automatically with the use of Marketo can make

A Revenue Cycle Modeling Case Study

Revenue cycle modeling and lead management through Marketo

It is challenging to prove the ROI from the various marketing efforts and how much a role they have played in generating revenue

A Lead Nurturing Case Study

Increasing lead conversion by 400% through effective lead nurturing

Improperly distributed leads, ineffective lead management, disconnected lead databases, no marketing and sales alignment