If you are reading this article then you must be one of the 71% of B2B marketers who use content marketing to generate leads (source: Marketing Profs). Content has always been the king that ruled the world of marketing and now in the B2B technology domain, the requirement to generate relevant and targeted content that cuts the clutter, has gained prominence. According to a recent study published by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, “technology marketers allocate 29% of their total budget, on average, to content marketing.”

Today, it is important to have a well-documented and comprehensive content marketing strategy and the need is even more in the B2B domain with its long and complex decision-making cycles. There is no doubt about the fact that marketers must experiment with all the media channels, content formats, and timing to come up with a strategy that meets their needs and budgets. But here are the top 3 tricks that have helped many of our clients in generating more leads than before.

    1. Create custom content for each target company without hard-selling your solution
      In the new marketing world, each target company is treated as a separate entity for which marketing and sales team work in tandem to create engagement strategies. Gone are the days of generalized content and segmentation. In the B2B domain, it’s time for micro-targeting and hyper-personalization. When the stakes are high, marketers must study and track each decision-maker in the targeted company, identify their behavior and preferences, and then generate customized content that they might find useful and solve their challenges. So, instead of sending the same long whitepaper to all the stakeholders in the organization, send a short presentation depicting how to save costs to the financial officer, send a short video of how their operational problems can be solved to the business users, share an infographic diagram detailing the technology stack with the IT team, and so on. Moreover, all of the above must be somewhat customized based on the current situation in that organization.
    2. Explore all options of content distribution
      Don’t we often deceive ourselves, when we feel that we have created something awesome, and people will come in hoards to appreciate it? We frequently notice that B2B technology companies are not taking advantage of the true potential of their content by waiting for people to find and access it on their own. Today, you cannot just be satisfied with organic results, but be proactive in making your content visible wherever your target audience are seen frequently. Use paid distribution networks, ad networks, social media, forums, native advertising on domain-specific content websites, crowdsourcing, and so on. Leave no stone unturned to make your content reach the selected target market.
    3. Touch your prospects again and again with content re-targeting
      One of the oldest marketing concepts is the rule of seven, which states that “the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.” We have a short attention span and we tend to overlook or forget the things we saw in the digital space and hence content re-targeting can help in reminding your prospects about your offerings. Just like the products that you browse through on e-commerce websites keep following you on partner dynamic-retargeting sites; you can do the same with your B2B content such as whitepapers, reports and case studies. You can make them appear on targeted publisher websites where your audience visits regularly. This will aid in brand building, demand generation, top-of-mind recall, and positioning your business as a key player in your domain.

Targeted content marketing is the key to generate more leads for your business. CandorWorks can help with all aspects of content marketing. Contact us to learn more.

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