Account-based Marketing has become all the rage in the B2B marketing domain and the reasons for it are quite noteworthy. According to a study by Altera Group, “97% of marketers report higher ROI with ABM than any other marketing approach.” We are sure, as a B2B marketer, you must have thought about getting through to those high value accounts with a customized and hyper-targeted approach as well. Account-based marketing allows you to study your targeted organization in a deep and detailed way, identify the key decision-makers in that organization, pin-point their challenges and preferences, create customized content for all of those stakeholders, and then nurture them steadily until they become your customers. A B2B sales cycle is complex, lengthy and has many influencers and this makes the tasks of the sales and marketing department even more challenging.

Many B2B marketers opt to outsource the account-based marketing tasks, so that they can enter during the later stages of lead nurturing or conversion. If you are wondering if ABM can work for your technology company, or how you can leverage ABM to boost sales, you might want to consider outsourcing ABM activities. Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing account-based marketing will be beneficial for your business:

  • ABM requires deep research: To identify the target companies and to collect complete and insightful information about them requires hours of primary as well as secondary research. Apart from collecting info from various online and offline sources, it is important to verify that information for accuracy, so that the valuable time of your sales team is not wasted. By outsourcing, you can save hours of research time and get polished information about targeted organizations with ease. CandorWorks is recognized as a top Market Research Company on DesignRush.
  • Account-based marketing requires complete alignment: As you can see, ABM is a long drawn out task that requires a high level of coordination between the marketing and sales teams. Once the accounts are identified, the various levels of interactions need to be planned and the supporting content must be prepared for each stage of the marketing funnel. The sales and marketing teams must come to a common ground and define the rules of engagement, lead management protocols, scope, goals, expectations, and so on. By outsourcing, these complex tasks can be handed over to ABM experts, who can bring in best-practices and expertise to make the process faster and successful in the first attempt.
  • Marketing automation tools make the ABM process efficient: With the use of marketing automation tools, the entire ABM process becomes highly trackable and controllable. The interactions with each stakeholder in the organization can be scheduled and the subsequent communication can be altered based on the response. But for marketing automation tools to work effectively, all the rules must be defined immaculately and should be complemented by the supporting data. Your outsourcing partner can take care of setting up all the data, rules and content to manage your ABM initiatives.
  • Account-based marketing requires follow-ups: If you are selling technology products or services that cater to B2B domain, you very well know that companies can take months to come to a decision. What makes ABM successful is that it involves constant and proactive follow-ups with the stakeholders during the entire decision-making cycle and ensures that they always have the right information at hand. Your marketing and sales teams might not have the bandwidth to do the follow-up activities. By outsourcing, you can pass on this task to ABM experts, who can keep constant track of your client’s movements, follow-up with them and get your sales team involved at the final stages of conversion.
  • ABM requires analysis: An ABM activity is not complete till the time you analyze the results and learn from them. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to test your messaging and key propositions, understand the problems faced by customers with your solution, gather feedback about your sales and marketing efforts, and so on. All these insights can then be leveraged to make the future ABM campaigns even more successful. By outsourcing the ABM process, you can get feedback from a neutral partner and identify areas where your company can do better in terms of marketing as well as your offerings.

Account-based marketing requires a great deal of dedication, perseverance, and expertise. CandorWorks has helped many B2B technology companies get the most out of ABM by providing seamless and customized support at the various stages of the process. Learn more about our ABM services.

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