There are tens of marketing automation solutions available in the market today and businesses often get confused when it comes to finding the right tool that meets the current business requirements and also offers innovative ways and latest technologies to aid business growth and improve marketing effectiveness. A key element of a marketing tool is “customer engagement”. Marketing automation is not about bombarding your prospects with email automatically; instead it is about doing it intelligently in order to generate one-to-one engagement and two-way conversation, while slowly moving the prospect in the right direction of the conversion funnel.

Here are some of the elements that you need to look out for while selecting a lead nurturing tool:

    1. Easy to implement and use: This is by far the biggest concern of businesses using various forms of marketing tools and looking to implement a single technology to consolidate various functions. The tool must be such that it minimizes the dependence on the IT department and the marketing function should be able to create elegant campaigns with ease.
    2. Strengthen the entire customer lifecycle: The tool must not be designed only for nurturing, but also move up the chain after the sales team closes the deal. It should be able to increase customer loyalty by enabling effective marketing after customer onboarding.
    3. Real-time two-way conversation: The tool must enable you to listen to and respond to lead/prospect actions or questions in real-time. It should enable you to communicate with your prospects both online and offline channels and also through social media, seamlessly.
    4. Setting limits: It often happens that different departments in the same organization are sending out messages to the prospects. An important factor to be considered while sending out communication is to maintain a frequency and timing of messages that will have the maximum impact without disturbing the prospects. A tool that enables you to set those limits will definitely help to maintain consistency.
    5. Right content at the right time: The tool must be intelligent enough that it send the right content at the right stage of the conversion funnel. It should have the capabilities to send out the next level of content based on the actions taken by the prospects. For instance, if a prospect clicks on a specific service link on your email, the tool must send out the next level of content about the same service to the prospect, timed appropriately.
    6. Ease of content management: It is often noted that when the need becomes complex with the use of personalization, segmentation, and trigger-based marketing activities – managing the content also becomes challenging. The tool that you select should enable easy content creation. It should be intelligent enough to not send the same content to the people who have already received it and offers many other such capabilities.

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