The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into effect on May 25 2018. Being a responsible B2B demand generation service provider we have been preparing for GDPR since the time it was announced. The field of digital marketing is deeply impacted by the various compliance parameters, but, working with leading media agencies, publishers and technology companies in the US and the UK, has made us ready for achieving complete compliance.

It is not a short-term solution, but a well-thought, multi-staged strategy that we have implemented for conducting accountable lead generation activities without invading the privacy of the prospects. Over the past year, we have been putting several processes and systems in place, to ensure that our clients can rely on us for B2B marketing and demand generation.

Here are some of the steps that we have taken for achieving GDPR compliance:

Data collection

We conform to the data collection practices as defined by the new regulations. Our research team provides a detailed report on the prospects including information such as name, email address, contact number, location, address, job title, functionality level and department. This data is compiled using a combination of our legacy database and new contacts derived through online research.

The team phone-verifies all the prospects compiled in the report as being currently employed in the organization in the capacity listed and validates all the contact information compiled. The data extracted by the research team is funneled to the callers to ensure efficiency and thereby maximizing their ability to convert active contacts into potential leads through meaningful peer-to-peer engagements.

We ensure a higher level of data quality with regards to its accuracy as its validity is derived by leveraging a combination of both online and telephonic research. We do not create bulk mailing lists, but each of our marketing list if created with utmost attention to detail and is highly segmented based on client’s requirements. This helps us in generating more valuable leads.

Email marketing and telemarketing

Email marketing and telemarketing are important mediums for B2B demand generation. To achieve compliance, we have been collecting clear opt-ins for permission-based marketing. The new policy states that, “It is reasonable to allow the use of e-mail contact details within the context of an existing customer relationship for the offering of similar products or services.” Before conducting any campaign for our clients, we ensure that the list is clean and there’s ample documentation to prove “legitimate interest”. We also inform prospects about simple ways to opt-out and the record is automatically removed from our database.

Upon establishing contact with the prospect, the callers utilize the pre-approved client script, introduce the client, their brand, discuss the asset being advertised and validate the prospect’s business card information.

Process documentation

The new GDPR regulations state that we have to maintain clear documentation of how the data is obtained and if lawful ways were used in collecting and processing that data. We keep clean records of all the data that we collect and how we do it for our clients. CandorWorks also aligns its services to the client’s security requirements, wherever needed, to ensure that there’s no breach and regulations are followed at all the levels.

Data security management

Data is the heart and soul of our organization. Even before the announcement of GDPR, we had a Data Protection Officer to ensure that the prospect data stored with us remained completely safe.

We segregate data in three categories:

  • Confidential/Restricted data: This type of data is under highest access control policies and legal non-disclosure agreements are signed by the employees handling such data.
  • Sensitive data: We apply strong IT security policies to this type of data.
  • Public data: This is the data about companies that is available freely through press releases, social media, or websites. We compile this data effectively, and a moderate level of control is in place to prevent unauthorized modification or destruction.

We make use of all the latest encryption technologies to ensure complete data security within the organization and during data processing or transfer.

Trust CandorWorks for GDPR compliant leads

We have aligned our services completely to the changing requirements of the business world and have done extensive study of the GDPR policies. All our standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in compliance with the new regulations. Our team is trained to follow the set procedures to ensure that they achieve our internal as well as the client-defined parameters. We go out of the way to fulfill the requirements that our clients might have to ensure compliance. Please feel free to request more information about our privacy policies and data management standards.

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