There’s no doubt that in today’s harried life, nobody likes to get pestered by unwanted emails or phone calls. But what if those calls are not exactly unwanted? That’s the premise B2B marketers seek while using telemarketing for lead generation. In the post-GDPR era, marketers have to be even more careful about whom they contact. Of course, you would need to have prior permission from the prospects, or there should be sufficient premise to prove legitimate interest. So, what are the scenarios where B2B technology companies can use telemarketing for lead generation and get positive results? Here are a few cases where we have seen telemarketing working wonders for our clients:

  1. Follow-up after content sharing: It is important to reach the prospects when they have started the process of decision-making and are looking at various options. For instance, if a prospect has downloaded some information from your website, you can use telemarketing to ask them if they found the information useful, if they need any further information, or if they have any specific questions that they would like to get answered.
  2. Follow-up after events: B2B companies conduct a lot of events/webinars as well as participate in various industry specific events/trade-shows where they get a chance to meet prospects. Events open up a new channel of conversation with the prospects and the simple handshake (virtual or real) can be taken to the next level by calling the person and sharing further information about your services.
  3. Follow-up after email: We have encountered countless instances in the B2B domain where emails failed to generate a response but telemarketing did. There are many top-level decision-makers who do not trust emails or are so swamped with them that they end-up ignoring or forgetting about them. However, tele-marketing is extremely personal, and can be a great way to contact the prospects whom you have already communicated with through email.
  4. Follow-up after product trials: Product trials are a great way to let the prospects get a taste of your offerings. Many B2B technology solution providers offer free/limited product trials through their websites. Telemarketing can be used to reach the people who have tried the product and genuinely ask them about their feedback, and then they can be nurtured till the time they are converted into long-term customers.
  5. Revisiting old leads: It is always easier to connect with prospects who already know about your business. The limited bandwidth of the sales and marketing teams are so often occupied with generating and managing fresh leads. We have seen that re-connecting with old leads through telemarketing and informing them about the newest features of your tool or telling them about some promotional offers, can generate some new customers. Often people/technologies change in the targeted organizations and new-comers might be more open to your services. There’s no harm in finding out.
  6. Reviving old customers: Just like rekindling old leads, we should also revive old customers with new services and offers. Old customers are most likely to respond well to telemarketing messages and would be easier to convert again. Telemarketers can study the old or existing customers and then offer them with appropriate up-selling or cross-selling suggestions.
  7. Targeted cold-calling: The reign of cold-calling is definitely gone. Today, we help technology companies gather valuable insights about targeted organizations and study them extensively to understand if they would have legitimate interest in our clients’ offerings. This ensures that we communicate only with organizations with highest probability of conversion and engage them with highly customized content.

Telemarketing has not taken its last breath yet, especially in the B2B demand generation world where personal and trust-worthy connections can go a long way, but we should also make sure that the prospects can opt-out easily if needed. CandorWorks utilizes telemarketing effectively for many of our clients and we can help you too to reach a wide target base within a short time-frame.

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