An increasing number of B2B decision makers are turning towards social media for doing purchase research. They are looking for referrals from their business acquaintances and shortlisting companies through social media. LinkedIn has proven to be the network of choice for making B2B connections and marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make use of it in every possible way. LinkedIn offers access to 500+ million professionals worldwide and makes it extremely easier to filter and search for exact target audience. You might already have a LinkedIn profile, but if you are still wondering how your business can take advantage of LinkedIn for generating more qualified leads then here are some tactics that can help you:

  1. Build up your company page: Your company page is akin to your website where you have to make a quick impression, but unlike your corporate website, here the space is limited. Use this real-estate wisely and ensure that your prospects can understand what your company is all about within a quick glance. Create showcase pages for specific services. These can act as landing pages for your various offerings.
  2. Join industry specific groups: The next step is to be present where your target market is. This can be done by joining groups or networks that are followed by your customers. Your business can increase credibility by proactively participating in discussions that show your thought-leadership. Help others with great information, but do not expect anything in return and do not be overzealous about selling your service. Take it as an opportunity to connect with others in the same domain.
  3. Connect with prospects: This is the most important step that will generate real leads and business for your company. LinkedIn offers a great way of finding people in right industries and right positions, so it becomes easier for your business and employees to connect with them. Remember, these are the decision-makers who would judge your company so make a good first impression and not just send a standard sales pitch. Go through their profiles thoroughly and use any recent thoughts shared or awards won, etc., to spark the initial conversation. It is important to make this as customized as possible.
  4. Consistently share informative content and updates: Who would you rather do business with: a company with an inactive corporate page or one that shows a great deal of participation and engagement? Being consistent in sharing content instantly portrays a picture of an organization that cares about customers and has deeper industry knowledge. Using LinkedIn for content sharing will also increase traffic to your website. Keep sharing free content with your ideal clients.
  5. Encourage your employees to share the corporate updates as well: Today, most professionals have a profile on LinkedIn and together your employees might have a huge number of connections. By encouraging them to share corporate updates, your posts will get more impressions and engagement.
  6. Use appropriate #hashtags in your posts: Hashtags make it easier for people interested in the same topic to find your content. To use the right hashtags, you must also generate relevant content corresponding to that hashtag.
  7. Follow appropriate #hashtags to find relevant people and topics: Similarly, you can search for hashtags relevant for your company and connect with businesses or people that you find useful. This is an easy way to find new people.
  8. Collect recommendations and endorsements from happy customers: Real testimonials and endorsements from people at prominent positions can have a big impact on the decision-makers in the targeted organizations who are there to browse your page. So, go ahead and seek recommendations.
  9. Use advanced filtering system to generate marketing lists: With LinkedIn, you can search for people based on location, industry, job title, company name, company size, and a lot more. This makes it easier to make a marketing list that is more viable and accurate.
  10. Get more insights about leads through LinkedIn research: If you already have a marketing or sales list that you have created through other channels, but you want to get more information about each prospect before connecting with them, then LinkedIn can be a great resource. It can help you fill in the blank spaces and also provide interesting insights about the prospects that can be leveraged for starting the sales conversation.

Just like any other social media channel, LinkedIn also takes time and effort for nurturing engagements and generating leads.

CandorWorks can help you get the most out of LinkedIn by creating targeted marketing lists for you or conducting comprehensive research about your target audience that will help in breaking the ice when you make those sales calls. We can conduct targeted content marketing campaigns through LinkedIn and nurture your prospects till they convert into your customers. Contact us to learn more.

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